Over 30? Time to adjust your skin care plan

over 30 means it's time to adjust your skin care planIf you’re over 30, your skin may already be showing signs that you’re maturing.

Here’s why: as you age, your skin loses collagen and fat. Collagen loss occurs from both aging, as well as prolonged sun exposure. Thinning can also be due to the loss of fat underneath your skin surface.

If you think that age 30 is too early to start taking steps to maintain the thickness and fullness in your skin, think again. Start now and maintain a good skin care routine. This will delay the signs of aging, allowing you to look younger longer.

Here are several key things to do:

Apply Sunscreen

I can’t say this enough. A broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is your friend. Apply it every day no matter the weather or the time of year. Those sun rays can damage your skin even on a winter’s day.

Use Anti-Aging Products

We have a variety of the latest anti-aging and other skin care products to help improve and maintain the appearance of your skin. Let us help you select the best for your skin type. Don’t overuse products if you are sensitive to them and most importantly, follow the instructions!

Filler Up

You aren’t too young to start replacing lost volume with fillers. Ask us about the various injectable gels we use for correcting facial wrinkles, folds and volume loss.  They help to add volume and hydration, instantly restoring your skin’s youthfulness with natural looking results.

Treat Yourself

Facials and peels help to exfoliate your face for clearer looking skin; they improve the appearance of both skin tone and texture. Some of the peels we offer can brighten skin color while reducing signs of pigmentation.

Here for your dermatological needs

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