5 Bad skin habits you should change now!

Give yourself some fresh positive habits. Speak with Chicago dermatologist Nima Skin Institute about bad skin habits you should change now

Everyone wants beautiful skin, but some people have bad skin habits that undermine their best intentions. Here are five common ones we see and the simple things you can do now to improve your overall skin health.

Bad Habit #1: Ignoring your skin care routine

We all get tired and lazy, but not following a good daily skin care routine should not be where you let down your guard. Washing your face, removing makeup, and moisturizing it every night are critical to having healthy skin. This also helps avoid breakouts by washing away dirt and oil that’s accumulated during the day. And, of course, moisturizing is very important—especially in our cold winter—to avoid dryness, itchy and cracking skin. Keep in mind this applies to ALL your skin. So shower and moisturize your body while still damp to maximize its effectiveness.

Bad Habit #2: Not drinking enough water

Hydration is your friend. It’s important to drink plenty of water to keep your body and skin well hydrated. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages because they contribute to dehydration.

Bad Habit #3: Eating badly and not exercising

You often hear people saying that the body is a temple and treat it as such. This really means you need to eat well and exercise regularly to be healthy. A healthy body shows on your face…and on all your skin.

Bad Habit #4: Yo-Yo dieting

Fad diets may be fashionable this month, but most people complain they gain back whatever weight they lost, often even more. Weight fluctuations take a huge toll on the skin. Stretching to accommodate added weight and then laxity when you lose the weight is especially hard on the face. The plan is to maintain a steady body weight and exercise so you have good muscle tone. 

Bad Habit #5: Not wearing sunscreen

Nothing will age or damage your skin faster or increase your risk for skin cancer more than exposure to UVA and UVB rays. I can’t say this enough: no matter the weather, wear sunscreen and protect your skin! And please never use tanning salons. Just like the sun, tanning machines expose you to UV light, which is known to cause skin cancer.

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