Don’t Pop that Pimple

don't pop that pimpleIt may seem easy to pop those pimples, but you could create more problems if you squeeze pimples yourself. You could cause:

  • Permanent acne scars
  • More noticeable acne
  • More painful acne
  • An infection

Instead, we recommend using a good skin care routine at home and, for more serious outbreaks, going to a dermatologist to treat acne safely.

Ways to treat acne at home

  • Let your skin heal naturally. If you pick, pop or squeeze your acne, your skin will take longer to clear and you increase the risk of getting acne scars.
  • Keep your hands away from your face. Touching, picking, and popping can worsen acne.
  • Wash your face twice a day and after sweating.
  • Be gentle with your skin. Scrubbing can make acne worse.
  • Relieve pain with a cool compress. It can help with the inflammation.

See your dermatologist

If the home techniques don’t work effectively for you, please see your dermatologist. People also make appointments with a dermatologist if their acne makes them feel shy or embarrassed, or if the acne is leaving scars or darkening their skin.

Here for your dermatological needs

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