3 top tips to keep your skin hydrated while traveling

skin hydration travel tipsThe summer travel season is in full swing. With it comes all the challenges of rushing to catch flights, plus the problems related to extra dry air at 30,000 feet. Air travel really dries out your skin. Planes have extremely low humidity, and this severely evaporates the moisture from your skin. You can fight the drying effects of air travel. Here are my three top tips to help you do just that:

Skin Hydration Travel Tips

  1. Moisturize before, during and after! You’ll want to make sure you use your moisturizer before leaving home or your hotel. Then, have a small container with you to use during the flight. As a reminder, you’ll need to include it in your quart-size TSA-approved bag, and it cannot exceed 3 oz. Use it often on board. And, then use it again when you get off your flight. Your face isn’t the only body part the needs to stay well hydrated during travel hours. Keep moisturizing your hands and lips, too.
  2. Avoid salty foods: Chips, nuts and pretzels may seem like a fun travel indulgence, but they are bad ideas. They will increase dehydration, pulling water from your skin while causing bloating and swelling. If you’ve ever had your feet swell while flying, you know what I mean. Snacking on veggies is a much better idea.
  3. Watch the wine or any alcohol, for that matter. You might be tempted to drink your way through your flight, but in reality, this is a terrible plan. Alcohol dehydrates. To avoid that from happening, if you’re going to drink, you should drink two glasses of water for every glass of wine/beer/mixed drink. So, imagine just how many trips to the awful airplane bathroom you’d have to make. Skip the booze and just drink water.

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