Create the Right Anti-Aging Plan

You’re never too young to start with the right anti-aging plan

Young woman looking at her face in the mirror. Helping patients create the right anti-aging plan for patients no matter their age

Patients often ask if they are too young to create an anti-aging plan. The simple answer is you’re never too young to start on the right path, and you’re never too old to change bad habits with the hope of reversing (or at least slowing) your skin’s aging. 

The best way to slow the aging process is to avoid doing the things that cause pre-mature aging to begin with. But some of us had less than good behaviors when we were young, and now must deal with the effects of sunburns, less than effective skin care, and all the rest. We can still help. Your plan should include some or all of the following:

Good skin care routine is essential

Before anything else, you need a good skin care routine that includes proper cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen to prevent UV damage.

Use appropriate anti-aging products

There is a wealth of skin care products that help slow the skin’s aging by soaking up damaging free-radicals and stimulating collagen.Some are over the counter and available at your local drug store and cosmetic counters; others are by prescription only. The right products for you depend on your age, skin type, and needs. The younger you are when using anti-aging products to protect your skin, the less damage you can expect. This includes patients as young as in their 20s and 30s.

Have routine treatments

Your anti-aging plan should include routine treatments to keep your skin looking its best. We offer HydraFacial, Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and more to help exfoliate your skin and reveal the smoother, brighter layer underneath.

Lose the wrinkles

Botox is the go-to injectable for softening the appearance of wrinkles in the upper face. It works by relaxing the muscles that cause lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows and crows’ feet. Several of my younger patients choose Botox to prevent wrinkles before they even form.

We also recommend Laser Genesis, the non-invasive laser technology that provides improvement in fine lines, large pores, and uneven skin texture.

What’s the right plan for you? 

Everyone’s skin needs are different and needs change with age and lifestyle. Even if you created a great plan for yourself in your 20s, by the time you’re in your 50s, if you haven’t updated the plan, it most probably is no longer right for you. Now is the time to implement the right plan for you. That’s what we do for our patients. Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment.