Laser Your Problems Away

Lasers are great tools for addressing several skin concerns with no to minimal downtime. That almost sounds like magic, but it’s real! The development of today’s lasers lets us provide better care for your skin. I am pleased to offer the following laser treatments to help you look your best.

Laser Genesis

Don’t use makeup to hide facial skin imperfections. Instead, look at what we can accomplish with Laser Genesis. It is a non-invasive laser treatment that safely and effectively rejuvenates your face. It provides subtle improvement by stimulating the creation of new collagen, thereby giving your skin a more youthful appearance. The procedure provides a gentle warming of the skin that patients describe as relaxing and therapeutic. 

Cutera® Laser System

Imagine having smooth hairless skin without painful waxing, electrolysis, or having to use razors or depilatory creams! That’s what laser hair removal is all about. The Cutera® laser system is FDA-cleared for hair removal and permanent hair reduction. It gives you lasting results.  

This simple procedure requires no local anesthesia or pain medication. It selectively treats the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. The Cutera® laser is effective on all skin types and tones. Its unique design, wavelength, and innovative cooling design allow for safe, effective results. 

Also using the Cutera laser system, I am pleased to offer the Limelight Facial. This non-invasive light-based skin rejuvenation treatment helps improve skin tone and surface imperfections associated with aging and photodamage. It is an ideal treatment for sunspots on the face, neck, chest, and arms.

Laser Treatment of Blood Vessels

Broken blood vessels don’t look good and. I can use a laser to deliver pulses of energy to your skin to destroy blood vessels. These are later resorbed by the body. A wide range of blood vessels from broken capillaries on the face, cherry angiomas, and tiny spider veins on the legs can be treated quickly, safely, and effectively.

Here for your dermatological needs

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