10 Summertime Skin Care Tips

Ah, summer. Now that the weather is warm and sunny, it’s great spending time outside. But it’s also important to remember that you need to protect your skin in warm, sunny, and humid weather. Here are 10 skin care tips to keep your skin clear, glowing, and healthy all summer long:

1.   Keep your skin clean

Great skin starts with clean skin. Exfoliation also helps to remove dead, dulling skin. Just don’t overdo it! 

2.   Moisturize with a lighter product

Neither sweat nor sunscreen count as a moisturizer. Use a skin appropriate light moisturizer; it will help create a protective barrier from harmful pollutants and chemicals.

3.   Wear sunscreen

The best sunburn is the one you never get! Sunburns have the potential to cause skin cancer years or even decades later plus they can prematurely age your skin. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Reapply often.

1.   Don’t tan

Don’t sit out in the sun or use tanning beds!. But you still want a summer glow, right? The safer options are using either self-tanning lotions or spray tanning. 

2.   Hug the shade

Your skin will really appreciate your avoiding the sun. Sit under an umbrella; enjoy the shade of trees and awnings. Avoid the mid-day sun when the rays are strongest and most deadly. 

3.   Cover up

You’ll want to wear a wide brimmed hat, and good sunglasses. I recommend you wear sun-protective clothing; some even have high SPF protective levels.

4.   Shower after sweating

That may sound obvious if you’ve been outside running or working out, but what about if you went to an outdoor event? You got hot and sweaty then, too. Shower when you get home! Wash away all that dirt and grime, plus you’ll feel refreshed!

5.   Hydrate — inside and out

Staying properly hydrated is even more important in the summer. Drinking lots of water helps maintain the critical moisture balance for your body and skin. 

6.   Uh-Oh! You over-exposed your skin

Somehow, you thought you were protecting yourself but maybe you missed a spot or two, or didn’t apply enough sunscreen. Now your skin is red and inflamed. It hurts. Start by applying a soothing gel and even cool compresses. 

7.   Conduct skin screenings

It’s always good to check yourself to see if a mole has changed or if you have any new growths. If you discover something troublesome, schedule an appointment with us for an evaluation. 

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