5 reasons to see a dermatologist now

Of course, we recommend you having an annual skin check. But sometimes, your skin may show a change and you should have it assessed sooner, not later. Any changes or lesions should get looked at to ensure they aren’t serious or to determine an appropriate treatment. Here are five reasons to see a dermatologist:


We’ve all had pimples and blackheads, but for many people over-the-counter remedies simply aren’t effective. If your acne is widespread on your face or body and products from your local drugstore aren’t helping, it’s time to consider professional help. We can provide prescription-strength topical and oral medications, as well as more intensive therapies including the new AviClear laser designed specifically for treating mild to moderate facial acne.

Inflamed/red skin

If you have red, itchy, or swollen skin, you may have eczema. Chronic redness or facial flushing may indicate rosacea. Rashes or skin eruptions may occur for various other reasons. Pus and warts are signs of an infection. No matter what’s irritating your skin, help is available. 

Growths and moles

If you notice any skin growths or moles that have changed, it’s time to get them checked. If a mole on your skin changes size, shape, color, texture, is itching, bleeding, or becomes painful, you need to get it evaluated asap. Some moles and skin growths have the potential to develop into skin cancer. 

Lumps or bumps

Have you noticed any lumps or bumps underneath your skin? They don’t have to be deep, but if you cannot move it and you have determined it is underneath the skin, let us evaluate it.

Nail or hair changes

Changes to your nails or hair can sometimes signify an underlying condition that should have a medical evaluation. Your nails can easily become a breeding ground for yeast, bacteria, and fungus. 

You naturally shed hair on a daily basis, but bald patches or thinning hair can be a sign of a medical condition. And, if your hair is suddenly falling out more than normal, let’s try to figure out why.

Here for your dermatological needs

An evaluation will help establish an appropriate treatment plan. Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment and let us know you’re having a problem.