5 Skin Care Tips for Winter Skin

Woman standing in snow wearing puffy coat, with gloves, hat and medical mask

Even when you don’t go outside, or don’t go out much, winter is tough on your skin. Outside, the air is cold and dry; inside heated air can strip away humidity from your space and moisture from your skin. That’s why it’s important to take care of your skin, to nourish it. Here are five skin care tips for winter skin in our cold Chicago weather.

Cleanse gently

Soaps may be pretty but can dry out your skin. Use gentle cleansers that are free of harsh chemicals. 

Turn down the water temperature

Long, hot baths and showers may feel good in our cold winter, but they strip the skin of natural moisture and make your skin more susceptible to damage. You’re much better off using warm rather than hot water, limiting your time in the shower, and avoiding baths. 

Moisturize appropriately

Select a moisturizer that’s more effective for drier skin. You’ll want one that creates a protective layer on your skin and retains more moisture. Consider a cream rather than a lotion.  But be careful! You’ll always want a moisturizer that’s non-comedogenic for your face, meaning that it’s specially formulated not to clog pores. When in doubt, ask us!

Dress right

Our weather goes from cold to colder. So, you’ll do best wearing layers. A warm sweater under your jacket or coat is a good start, and remember your hat, gloves and scarf. In the age of coronavirus, you will need your mask as well! Layers are good indoors as well. Some spaces could be overheated, so being able to shed a layer will make you more comfortable without overheating.  

Wear sunscreen

Just because it’s cold outside, it doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen. You can’t! Sunscreen helps block the harmful UV rays of the sun, the rays that can cause skin cancer, as well as premature aging of the skin. Those harmful rays are there no matter what the reading on the outside thermometers.

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