Great Ideas for National Skin Care Awareness Month

This month is National Skin Care Awareness Month. You’ve heard me say this many times, and it’s worth repeating here: since skin is your body’s largest organ, it’s critical to take good care of it. That’s why a national month designation such as this helps call attention to the importance of protecting and enhancing your […]

Beauty is Skin Deep

You’ve probably heard the expression “beauty is skin deep,” and might even wonder why or how it applies to you. The reality is that people who have beautiful skin look and feel better about themselves. Maybe you’re struggling with acne, sun damage, or signs of aging. Or maybe you have a chronic skin condition, such […]

Skin Care for Men

All too often, men ignore their skin, thinking just shaving is enough. Not so. Everyone needs a good skin care routine. Exercise, work, kids, and everything else in your day may leave you feeling and looking tired. Sweat, grime, and stress can lead to undesirable outcomes, including breakouts. Don’t ignore your skin; instead, here are […]

Botox® Cosmetic: A great way to lose those wrinkles

Botox® Cosmetic is an FDA-approved treatment that temporarily makes moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines look better in adults. It requires minimal downtime; you can return to your daily routine immediately after leaving my office. You’ll look like you, only with less noticeable facial lines. How it works A combination of factors […]