Great Skin Needs a Schedule

Photo of woman with towel wrapped on her head and her demontstrating clean skin

I often hear patients say that having great skin takes too much work or is too expensive. No, it’s not if you have and follow a simple, but regular skin care schedule. Here is what I suggest:

Daily routine

Start your day with a clean face. Choose a cleanser that’s right for your skin type. Next, moisturize. And, of course, finish your morning regimen with sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30. 

Before bed, it’s time to wash off the day. If you wore any makeup, make sure to remove all of it! Then…Cleanse. Moisturize. Sleep well.

It may be too early to switch to your lighter products, but it is time to spring clean old products. If you haven’t used what’s in your closet or makeup bag for the past few months, throw it out and buy replacements.

Monthly treatment

Clean, moisturized skin on a daily basis is the first step and important to having great skin. 

Monthly, check the dates of your products and toss anything due to expire. 

Next, call and schedule an appointment with us for a medical level chemical peel, exfoliation, or other facial service.

Yearly checkup

Regular skin checks are essential for early skin cancer detection and is an important way for patients to stay healthy and possibly avoid more serious and involved treatments. Your exam starts by our staff asking you questions including your history of sun exposure and sunburns. I’ll also want to know if you have any moles or other spots that have been worrying you. Family history about skin cancer is also important to consider in your risk factor. 

Since skin cancer can occur anywhere on your body, your exam is head-to-toe. I’ll even check areas that don’t see a lot (or even any) sun. Between your fingers and toes and the bottoms of your feet get checked, too.

Mindset matters

As I wrote last month in Stress and Your Skin, your mind-skin balance is greatly affected by your stress level with more frequent breakouts, increased sensitivity, and difficulty healing. So, find productive ways to keep your stress under control and enjoy your great looking skin!

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