Covid-19 Vaccine and Facial Fillers

Photo of Covid-19 vial with injection being loaded

According to the FDA, three participants in Moderna’s vaccine’s clinical trials experienced facial or lip swelling due to dermal fillers. These cases were resolved after treatment with steroids and/or antihistamines.

Don’t let having facial fillers stop you from getting vaccinated

In no way does this mean you should avoid getting vaccinated against the coronavirus. Just the reverse! Get vaccinated as soon as you’re eligible. The risk of an allergic reaction appears to be limited to a small percentage of patients with dermal fillers and is far less serious than the health risk from the Covid-19 virus itself.

Please keep in mind that facilities providing vaccinations monitor patients and treat any signs or symptoms of an allergic reaction as per recommendations from the CDC, FDA, and others. That’s why there are “observations” requirements, ranging from 15 to 30 minutes following vaccination.

A few important tips

DermatologyTimes has put together the following information related to the Covid-19 vaccine and dermal fillers:

  • Dermal filler inflammatory events occur very seldom with both hyaluronic acid and non-hyaluronic acid fillers.
  • Evidence suggests these reactions can be immunologically triggered by viral and bacterial illness, vaccinations (i.e., influenza vaccine) and dental procedures.
  • These rare adverse events are temporary and respond to treatments, such as oral corticosteroids and hyaluronidase, and oftentimes resolve without treatment.
  • Patients already treated with dermal fillers should not be discouraged or precluded from receiving vaccines of any kind. Patients who have had vaccines should not be precluded from receiving dermal fillers in the future.
  • In the Moderna mRNA-1273 trial, three reactions were possibly related to dermal fillers out of 15,184 vaccine recipients. It is unknown how many subjects in the trial had previous treatment with dermal fillers.
  • Dermal fillers should be administered by board-certified physicians who are experts in both the injection of dermal fillers and management of complications arising from them.

Still concerned?

No need to worry. We are here for all your cosmetic and medical dermatologic needs. Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment. We will address your concerns and provide any related treatment.