Makeup tips for the holidays

When was the last time you wore makeup? If you can’t remember, then you probably don’t know how old your makeup is. That means, it needs replacing.

Recently, one of my patients told me she started to do her makeup for an evening out and discovered her mascara was completely dried out. Not only does this make it difficult to use, it’s also a health problem! Bacteria growth continues whether you use your makeup or not.

You may have a holiday get together on your calendar, so it’s definitely time to ditch the old stuff and start anew.


Here are a few tips to ensure your makeup stays fresh and you look your best:

  • Replace it! Once opened, replace makeup every six months whether you used it or not.
  • Don’t touch it! One of the easiest ways to contaminate your makeup is to touch it directly with your fingers or put it on your face from the applicator. Instead. Use a makeup applicator to apply. The same goes for any face cream that doesn’t come in a pump!
  • Wash that brush! Using makeup brushes is a great way to get your makeup evenly distributed. But remember that there is makeup residue, as well as skin cells left on the brush. Wash your makeup brushes with mild soap and water and allow them to air dry. Do this at least once a week, though after every use is even better!!
  • Remove it! You look great. Now take it off before going to bed. Your skin needs to be clean and moisturized at night.

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