Ways to Combat Aging

Ways to combat aging at Chicago dermatologist Dr. Nilam Amin

Aging is a natural part of life; however, you don’t have to take it lying down! As a board-certified dermatologist, I have products and services to help you slow down the process and help you look younger and healthier longer.

The sooner you begin focusing on good skin care, the longer you can enjoy the benefits. Many of my patients start in their 20s since that’s the first time they notice facial changes. However, it’s never too late to incorporate an anti-aging skin care routine. Your skin will thank you whether you’re 35, 55, or older.

Start here

The best first step is a consultation with us. Our patients have all different skin types and are in every age group. As you identify what bothers you, we will work with you to create a customized treatment plan.

Anti-Aging Treatment Options

If looking good and youthful is important to you, here are things you can start immediately to create a powerful maintenance or aging reversal plan:


BOTOX® minimizes or even eliminates signs of aging in the face by reducing the activity of facial muscles that cause wrinkles.

Dermal fillers help diminish facial lines and restore volume and fullness. These are great for plumping up thin lips and softening certain facial creases and wrinkles.


We offer many non-invasive treatments to meet our patients’ varying needs. 

  • HydraFacial combines exfoliation, cleansing, and hydration to remove dead skin cells and impurities, while simultaneously delivering moisturizing serums into the skin.
  • Microdermabrasion gently exfoliates dead skin cells from the topmost layer of the skin. It renews overall skin tone and texture, and helps treat light scarring, discoloration, and sun damage.
  • Microneedling with PRP stimulates the skin’s own ability to produce collagen. The skin starts to repair itself by producing more collagen, softening scars, tightening the skin, and giving you a more youthful overall appearance.
  • Laser Genesis provides subtle improvement in fine lines and large pores by helping build collagen naturally.  
  • Limelight Facial is a non-invasive light-based skin rejuvenation treatment that helps to improve skin tone and surface imperfections associated with aging and photo-damage. It is an ideal treatment for sunspots on the face, neck, chest, and arms.
  • Peels brighten skin color and clarity while reducing visible signs of pigmentation and can even help with fine lines. Peels are optimal for melasma, photo-damaged skin, and various types of hyperpigmentation. Try one for a more youthful, radiant glow.

Here for your dermatological needs

Our goal is to help you have and keep your skin looking its best. Let’s get you on a customized regime now and adjust it as you age. Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment.