Important Tips for Maintaining Great Skin While Traveling

Summertime and travel season is in full swing. It’s exciting and, at the same time, stressful. Changes in your usual routine, sleep, eating, and everything else may have negative effects on your skin. So, here are a few tips for helping you stay on track with your skin care routine and maintain great skin even while traveling.

Pack Your Usual Products

If your skin care routine works for you at home, don’t change it while traveling. You can buy smaller sizes for your travel needs. Or, if you only need a small amount to fit in your TSA-approved 1-quart baggie, there are many travel size containers you can transfer just the right amount of product you need. Make sure you use the right types of containers. For example, some serums need dark glass to stay safe.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

Flying? Moisturize before, during and after! You’ll want to make sure you use your moisturizer before leaving home or your hotel. Then, have a small container with you to use during the flight. Use it often on board. And, then use it again when you get off your flight. Your face isn’t the only body part the needs to stay well hydrated during travel hours. Keep moisturizing your hands and lips, too. 

No matter how you travel, remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated inside and out!

Wear Sunscreen 

UVA and UVB rays reaching your skin increase your risk of skin cancer and cause photoaging. Even if you aren’t concerned about skin cancer, which you should be, sun exposure ages skin, and not in a good way. It causes brown spots, wrinkles, and sagging leathery skin. 

The sun’s dangerous rays can reach you through windows — airplanes, cars, homes/hotels. Protect yourself with sunscreen of at least SPF30.

This may sound obvious, but sunscreen only works when you use it, and it needs to be applied often. Don’t forget those easy-to-miss places, such as behind the ears and your neck. 

Skip Hotel Products 

Although it may be tempting to use the soaps and lotions provided by your hotel, it’s best to skip these. Many contain fragrances, preservatives, and other ingredients that some of my patients find irritate their skin. Plus, these throw you off your usual routine, and your skin will notice that. If you have dry or sensitive skin, these products can have even greater negative effects.

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