Time to Update Your Skin Care Routine

patient having her face checked to determine best skin care routine for her

As the weather cools down, you may find your skin feeling and looking dry. No matter your style or skin type—whether you wear lots of makeup, minimal or none; have frequent breakouts or never break out—it’s time to update your skin care routine and adjust what you do to accommodate our changed weather:

  • Use a gentle cleanser. Clean skin is happy skin. For oily skin, wash with the suggested cleanser twice a day. If your skin is dry, you should use a gentle cleanser. 
  • Moisturize. If you’ve been using a lightweight moisturizer during the summer, it may be time to switch to a more emollient one that will help your skin cope with the drier air. It’s also a good time to consider adding an antioxidant serum to your daily routine. 
  • Sunscreen. I can’t say this enough: Everyone should wear sunscreen every day regardless of the weather. It’s the only way to reduce your risk of skin cancer and premature aging. 
  • Add-Ons: Use gentle exfoliants, retinols and masks, as recommended. These are great, but more is not better. Less is more may be the better approach.

Treat yourself to an aesthetic treatment

A professional treatment is one of the best things you can do to keep your face looking its best. There are many treatments available from various places that offer feel-good services, such as at spas. We go beyond the basics and evaluate your skin at a deeper level to determine what treatment is appropriate for your skin. Our services include microneedling with PRP; microdermabrasion; peels; laser treatments; injectables; fillers, and more.

Here for your dermatological needs

We know your schedule gets very busy. So please contact us now to ensure you get the appointment for the procedure you want to look your glowing best by the holidays.